Omid Maghamfar

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Real Estate is the most valuable asset that every person will earn during his/her lifetime , so why don't have an educated person with knowledge of construction, designing and most importantly aware of real estate transaction laws and legislation beside you to be with you each step of the way.

  1. My recent certification in Real Estate, joined with my experience in real estate development makes me an ideal candidate for being your agent. My natural positive attitude with people, positive energy and commitment to excellence is exactly what each client needs in selling or buying real estate .
  2. Most of my professional experience has been in real estate investments and development for myself. I have bought/ sold lands ; I have constructed buildings from the ground up ; managed construction and real estate companies.
  3. The techniques I have learned from work experience apply to the skills that a real estate sales agent in a great company such as Coldwell Banker has, makes me:

       - Able to envision the client of the great opportunity

          - As an engineer, explaining building structure and answer construction questions.

       - As an experienced designer, able to present the potential that a property has.

concerns about buy/sell your home outside of San Diego?, Coldwell Banker has a huge network of specialized agents worldwide, just call or email me and I will bring them on.


Looking forward to making your DREAM HOME come true!!!

با سلام به هموطنان عزيز
اينجانب اميد مقام فر با بيش از پانزده سال تجربه در امور ساخت وساز، سرمايه گذاري، خريد و فروش، اجاره، بازسازي املاك مسكوني  در ايالات متحده و ايران ، داراي مدرك مهندسي و گواهينامه خريد و فروش در ايالت كايفرنيا، در خدمت هموطنان گرامي در شهر سن ديگو و حومه ميباشم.
با يك تماس از مشاوره و ارزش گذاري رايگان ملك خود بهرمند شويد.


"After dealing with all the problem and 2 delays on closing date due to issue my property had, omid handled the other side (buyer) very well and kept the deal in place until we could actually close and finalize this agreement. He has sufficient experience with international clients and how this process will be. No one will and can put more effort in as he does to sale your property or buy one for you."

  -Milad , Client

"We would highly recommend Omid. He was excellent to work with and very professional. Always on time and very organized. We needed to get some work done and knowing the area so well he had several of suggestions of who he would recommend."

  -Sherry Slaght, Client

"Omid is an expert in real estate and he was an absolute professional to work with. He takes the time to get to know us and what dream house means to us, he stayed in constant communication with us throughout the entire process, answering all of our questions no matter when we called, updating us about our options, and he is incredibly knowledgeable about locations and home values. It takes us so long to make a decision but he was totally patient, never pushy, and he was there every step of the way to guide us. I highly recommend him as a realtor"

  -Maryam Ramin, Client

"Omid has great expertise in real-estate business. His knowledge and skill will help you buy or sell your property with minimum stress. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family."

  -Anahita Afshar, Client

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